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Re: Amarok amok!

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____/ Linonut on Monday 26 May 2008 18:50 : \____

> * Roy Schestowitz peremptorily fired off this memo:
>> I use AmaroK at home and xmms at work. Less is more sometimes. There's not
>> so much you can improve and enrich when it comes to the only thing that
>> matters at the end: output (sound).
> Indeed.  Sometimes all you needs is the command line (mpg123 & ogg123).

If it can do keyboard accelerators, I'm sold. I always put music applications
(AmaroK or XMMS) in desktop 3, which sometimes I won't be switching to /for
days/. In other words, I never see the music player. It's all managed with
keyboard shortcuts. Occasionally, with XMMS, jump to track will be invoked
from the keyboard, but it's workspace-dependent. At the end, those GUIs never
get used at all. Why even have them rendered?
> The nice thing about mplayer from the command line is the descriptive
> output you get.

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