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Re: Amarok amok!

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____/ Linonut on Monday 26 May 2008 15:32 : \____

>    http://polishlinux.org/kde/amarok-2-visual-changelog/
>    Amarok multimedia player is one of the best programs of its kind not
>    only for Linux but for any operating system nowadays. It has been
>    created as a KDE component. Most people hoped to have Amarok 2.0
>    included in KDE 4.0, which hasn't happened. It's hard to
>    predict if it finds its way into KDE 4.1 stable, but it's still
>    worth taking a look at the current progress of this great multimedia
>    player.
> It's not all good, I suppose:
>    Amarok 2 like most of the KDE 4 apps uses vector graphics to render
>    its interface. The use of SVG makes it easier to create themes.
>    It's actually pretty hard to follow the interface changes since
>    there's been a lot of them recently. Every time I launch a new
>    version, Amarok looks different. For the time being however, Amarok
>    looks like this: ...
> I still get by using xmms, meself.  Or mplayer for audio that xmms
> doesn't support.

I use AmaroK at home and xmms at work. Less is more sometimes. There's not so
much you can improve and enrich when it comes to the only thing that matters
at the end: output (sound).

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