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Re: Filtering the Trolls

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____/ none of your buisiness on Sunday 25 May 2008 05:23 : \____

> here is a list of free NNTP servers that the trolls in this group use to
> post their garbage. by adding all of these to your filtering rules for this
> group, you can virtually have a troll-free group here.
> 1. 40tude.net  <---this is Moshe Goldfarts current nntp server
> 2. aioe.org
> 3. anon.mixmaster.mixmin.net
> 4. news.astraweb.com
> 5. read.cnntp.org
> 6. dizum.com
> 7. pseudo.borked.net
> 8. easynews.com
> 9. free.teranews.com  <---this is where most of flatfishes post originate
> 10. googlegroups.com
> 11. hermetix.org
> 12. isole.net
> 13. mixmaster.it
> 14. registered.motzarella.org
> 15. orange.nl
> 16. news.easynews.com
> 17. news.teranews.com
> this list covers most of the free (and abusable) nntp servers that the
> trolls favor.

Thanks. I didn't realise there was so many. Some of them (routes) I never see
because I filter based on other criteria. Routes are a last resort, in cases
of excessive nymshifting.

Let the trolls barf out their nonesense. The more they spew, the more worried
they are and the greater the threat Linux becomes to the status quo (not just
Microsoft by the way).

If the trolls stopped attacking Linux, *then* we would have a reason to worry.
This would mean that they moved on to attacking other threats... maybe
rubbishing the Google-related forums or the Apple/Mac newsgroups. That would
imply that Apple, Google or others have become Microsoft's #1, which isn't the
case because Ballmer says indefinitely that Linux is the #1 competitor. He
didn't even need to stop and think. Just watch the February interview from

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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