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Re: MS Office Dying In India (this is not a question)

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____/ ~flyer~@there.net~ on Sunday 25 May 2008 04:51 : \____

> I'm in one of those moods so, Hey MS and your butt licking shills, Screw
> you and eat this:
> "In India, at least, many large organizations have put the bulk of their
> users on OpenOffice restricting Microsoft Office to a handful of people
> who interact with the outside world."
> http://www.expresscomputeronline.com/20080211/edit01.shtml
> NOW, go appropriately jam your hairy little monkey heads in a toilet.
> (eep eep)
> ** Posted from http://www.teranews.com **

It's not dying there, yet. But Microsoft can no longer charge for it. You see,
Microsoft is caught in a dilemma. There are good office suites out there which
support more standards than Microsoft Office and are far cheaper. If Microsoft
demands money for Microsoft Office, people will no longer use it (nor pay a
penny to Microsoft). Gates himself said that it's easier to compete against
Linux (in China) when there is piracy.

Linux hurts Microsoft badly because it prevents it from fixing the price (or
even naming a price). The same goes for Free software like OOo.

It was amusing to see in the last quarter how Microsoft Windows sales sank 24%.
In an article from Bloomberg (April) it was clearly shown (quotes from
Microsoft's shills at Gartner) that Linux was a big problem for Microsoft.

Microsoft must turn to emerging markets or else Linux would grab them and stop
Windows from being a de facto 'standard'. That's what Microsoft's mouthpieces
said. I can find the link. Another article from Utah's press also said that
GNU/Linux was responsible for this and was becoming a greater threat. Ballmer
names Linux as his #1 threat.

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