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[News] ISO Process Stalled; Other Countries May Join South Africa's OOXML Complaint

  • Subject: [News] ISO Process Stalled; Other Countries May Join South Africa's OOXML Complaint
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 19:51:14 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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UPDATE - Countries may follow South Africa in appealing Microsoft-sponsored
OOXML standard: ISO

,----[ Quote ]
| According to ISO spokesman Roger Frost, "Because the period for receipt of 
| appeals remains open until the end of May, ISO will communicate on the next 
| steps in early June, when it knows whether any other national bodies are 
| appealing."   


South Africa appeals against OOXML, call your Standards Body now!

,----[ Quote ]
| The South African Standards Body SABS have lodged an appeal at ISO against 
| the awful fast-track process of DIS29500, or Microsoft Office OpenXML. Please 
| call your national Standards Body and ask them to support this complain. You 
| have only 7 days because the deadline is 30 May, 2 months after the ISO vote.   
| Steve Pepper, being so disgused about the intervention of a Norwegian 
| bureaucrat reverting the decision of the Norwegian Technical Committee, is 
| pointing at the fact that this person is also member of the ISO Technical 
| Management Board (TMB), who will decide on the future of this appeal. I hope 
| we will have some transparency on who is deciding what inside ISO on this 
| appeal. It is time for ISO to clean up its stables, they have not been 
| cleaned for several years, and they are getting dirty and smelly.      


Phone numbers are on the pages. Give them a call.


The South Africa Bureau of Standards submits an official appeal to ISO and IEC
against OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| At least one National Body has submitted a formal complaint to ISO and IEC.
| South Africa was rather vocal about the Fast Tracking process of OOXML from
| day one.



ISO Fantasy

,----[ Quote ]
| What OOXML Is · The ISO process, brutal and corrupt as it was, has been 
|                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| covered to death by everyone. Its output, soon to be known as ISO/IEC 29500, 
| differs from ECMA-376 in two ways. ¶  
| [...]
| What Microsoft really wanted was that ISO stamp of approval to use as a 
| marketing tool. And just like your mother told you, when they get what they 
| want and have their way with you, they’re probably not gonna call you in the 
| morning.   


Computer experts stage street protest in Oslo against Microsoft document format
as standard

,----[ Quote ]
| OSLO, Norway: Roughly 60 data experts staged a rare and noisy street 
| demonstration in downtown Oslo on Wednesday to protest the adoption of 
| Microsoft Corp.'s document format as an international standard and against 
| Norway voting for the move.   
| [...]
| He claimed the committee ignored the advice of the vast majority of the 
| Nordic nation's software experts, was pressured by Microsoft and 
| displayed "scandalous behavior."  


OOXML triggers demonstration in Norway: "Let's throw OOXML out of ISO"


Demonstration outside ISO conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Pepper, the former Chairman of the Norwegian committee responsible for 
| deciding the Norwegian vote on OOXML, is calling for a demonstration to take 
| place outside the building where SC34, the ISO committee that has been landed 
| with OOXML, is holding its spring plenary.   
| The demonstration will take place outside Håndverkeren, Rosenkrantzgate 7, 
| Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday April 9 at 12.00. Among the slogans are: 
| * No to ISO approval of OOXML!
| * Defend the integrity of ISO!
| * Microsoft: Support ODF!
| * Ecma: Withdraw OOXML!
| * Norway must say no to OOXML!


Shenanigans Alleged on Road to OOXML Vote

,----[ Quote ]
| The events leading up to the ISO's decision on OOXML can best be described as 
| strange. 
| Take the case of KT 182, the Polish technical committee responsible for the 
| OOXML standardization process, as described on Groklaw: Chairperson Elzbieta 
| Andrukiewicz was instructed that KT 182 should abstain from voting if a 
| consensus was not achieved. Well, it wasn't, and she said the members who 
| were absent could vote by e-mail E-Mail Marketing Software - Free Trial. 
| Click Here. -- but if they didn't vote, she'd take their non-response as a 
| yes.      
| Later, when presenting the results of the ballot resolution, she showed a 
| slide that claimed 98 percent of the OOXML issues had been resolved during 
| the KT 182 meeting.  
| When reminded this wasn't true, and told that the author of the PowerPoint 
| file was Paul Pesch, platform strategy manager at Microsoft Netherlands, she 
| threatened to sue anyone who repeated the assertion that Pesch was the 
| author.   
| That slide had been shown at another meeting, and one of the Brazilian 
| delegates had complained about it.  

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