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[News] Python Sees Jython (Java) Coming Back

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Jython Reborn

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's a fun game to play at your next developer cocktail party. If someone 
| asks you what you're interested in, tell them "Jython." Inevitably, their 
| response will be, "Jython is dead." Six months ago, I would have agreed, but 
| with recent investment by Sun Microsystems, it appears that Jython is very 
| much alive and ready to be used. I'll spend a little bit of time talking 
| about some recent Jython history, and then compile the latest revision of 
| Jython from source and play around with it a bit.      



Sun hires two key Python developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems Inc. is looking to bolster its position in the Python 
| programming realm through the hiring of two prominent developers. 


Python Fans Take Aim at the Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| After years in the shadows, the open source Python programming language is 
| becoming increasingly mainstream. There are more users and more tools. 
| Backers of Python now argue that Python is ready for the enterprise.  
| [...]
| "Many businesses see the software development world in terms of Visual Basic, 
| Java, and C/C++/C#. Some simply aren't aware of Python, yet, " Goodger 
| argued. "Any competent programmer can easily learn Python and be productive 
| within a few hours or days at most."    


First Day of Python for my Vietnamese Students

,----[ Quote ]
| I chose Python over PHP and Java out of personal bias. Tracy Reed introduced
| Python and Plone to me nearly 3 years ago. I also chose Python since, unlike
| other programming languages, it is installed by default in both the LInux and
| BSD distributions (Perl is also installed by default). I also am quite
| impressed at how many LESS lines of code you need to do a simple program when
| compared to Perl/CGI and PHP, the two programming languages I learned in the
| past. The infamous Helloworld program only takes one line in Python alone!!!



Python upgrades readied for 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Developers of the Python programming language are working concurrently on two 
| upgrades to the core platform, both to arrive in 2008, representatives of 
| Python said Wednesday.  


Python Magazine Lives

,----[ Quote ]
| There are columnists, there are tech editors, there are authors. Articles 
| have been commissioned. Logos and trademarks are in place. The design team is  
| rocking, the contract team is rolling, and the emails are flying. In the 
| background, the sound of constant typewriter activity can be heard, just like 
| on those old newscasts from the old Cronkite days. Exciting times!   


Python Enters KDE SVN with Guidance

,----[ Quote ]
| Guidance was originally developed for Mandrake Linux and is now
| used by default in Kubuntu. It is hoped that moving it to KDE
| Extragear will encourage testing and development on other
| distributions. Guidance requires PyKDE Extensions as well
| as the PyKDE bindings themselves.



One Laptop Per Child kicks off PyCON 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Krstic himself mentioned only a little bit about the impact of 100
| million children being exposed to laptop computers and the internet,
| let alone a view source key inviting them to learn one of the most
| powerful free software oriented programming languages in one of the
| most powerful free software operating systems.


Python slithers to 'significant' release

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source community this week hailed the most significant update
| to Python in five years.
| Python 2.5 contains major improvements in reliability, performance
| and efficiency, according to release manager Anthony Baxter.

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