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[News] CIO: Free Software Development Model Proving Successful

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Using Open-Source Innovation Networks to Drive Collaborative Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the open source model for collaborative software development can 
| cut costs while providing a basis to create other innovative networks to 
| develop technology specific to your company. While few have tried to develop 
| industry-specific or vertically oriented open-source solutions up to now, it 
| could become the future of software development.    


Report from the Texas Open Source Symposium

,----[ Quote ]
| This conference was small and not as well-organized as some, but it was not a 
| bad show for a first attempt, and I hope to be involved next year. Texas is 
| not exactly center stage in the development of free software, but it’s good 
| to see what is happening here.   



Alan Cox on open-source development vs. proprietary development

,----[ Quote ]
| When you release a free software project, you do things in a different order. 
| Firstly, you get some code. Hopefully, it just about works. And you document 
| it as "Needs fixing, needs this, needs that."  
| But most free software code, to get other people involved in the project, it 
| has to work. It doesn't matter if it's hard to compile. It doesn't matter if 
| it only works on one machine in five. And it doesn't matter if it eats the 
| data file every so often. So long as sometimes, the right results happen, 
| people will start to pick up the project and use it. They start to use it, 
| and then they have to fix it.      


Don’t invent, evolve

,----[ Quote ]
| The inventor’s trial-and-error approach can be automated by software that 
| mimics natural selection 

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