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[News] Review of Firefox 3, Team Explains Success of Development Model

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Firefox 3 – First Look review

,----[ Quote ]
| With Firefox 3.0 now reaching Release Candidate stage is it stable enough to 
| warrant upgrading or should you hold fire? We tested it against Firefox 2.0 
| on the Mac and IE7 on the PC to find out.  


Mozilla's dev team shares Firefox secrets in T.O.

,----[ Quote ]
| At the centre of Mozilla's is its desire to remain a nonprofit organization. 
| And Shaver said that in order for the project to continue having success and 
| attracting the best contributors, the project will have to stay 
| not-for-profit.   
| "People need to be confident in what we're doing at the project," he 
| said. "That's why there's nobody at Mozilla whose job is to ensure we make 
| enough money."  


FOSS wins. Same with Apache.


Apache increases market share in web server survey

,----[ Quote ]
| Netcraft's web researchers counted 155,583,825 sites in January, which is 
| 354,000 more than in December.  


Apache gains market share

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, in the November statistic Apache grew by 3% (1.29% active sites) 
| while IIS lost 1.29% (1.05%). There is no explanation given by Netcraft and 
| there has been no big news about any change of some big host or something 
| similar (these percent points equal millions of sites!). So this might be 
| just a statistical disturbance - or indeed a change of direction. Time will 
| tell.     


Open source rising

,----[ Quote ]
| Apache, the world’s numero uno Web server, is going strong. As per Netcraft’s 
| December 2007 survey, Apache has close to 50% of the market with Microsoft’s 
| IIS coming second with almost 36%. The contender to watch here is Google 
| which is increasing its market share (now 5.5%) unlike all the other players 
| which are seeing slow declines.    
| Talking of Netcraft, it has a rather interesting search that lets you find 
| out what OS any site is running and it lists download.microsoft.com and 
| search.microsoft.com as running Linux. Strange, if true.  

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