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[News] TinyMe 2008.0 (Lighter PCLinuxOS) Released

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TinyMe 2008.0 Released!

,----[ Quote ]
| KDulcimer is glad to announce TinyMe 2008.0 "Final" has been released! TinyMe 
| is a PCLinuxOS-based distribution, which is targeted at older computers and 
| people who want a very light and fast desktop environment. Although TinyMe 
| comes as a small, 200MB ISO, it provides tools for most all of your everyday 
| wants and needs:    
|     * AbiWord Word Processor
|     * Opera Web Browser
|     * Audacious Media Player
|     * GThumb Photo Viewer and Digital Camera application
|     * Asunder CD ripper
|     * Easy-to use Control Centers which make customizing your system and 
|       desktop look 'n feel a snap. 
|     * Sylpheed E-Mail Client
|     * ePDFView, a PDF Viewer
|     * SciTE text editor
|     * and even a couple of small games.



PCLOS TinyMe - Nothing Tiny With This Little Fella

,----[ Quote ]
| I am honestly pleased to give this package a 4 Pennie review. I have always 
| shy'd away from the microdistro, affraid of wasting my time putting a system 
| in place that really wouldn't meet my needs. I generally look at other 
| distros, focusing on Enlightenment or XFCE so I am very pleased to know there 
| is a openbox distro out there that runs on the tiniest of machines with 
| enough horse power to even become a server if it wanted too. The power of 
| PCLOS, combined with a package manager of Synaptic and a cute little control 
| center to allow even the newest of the newbies a system they can manage makes 
| this one hell of a package.        


ReviewLinux.Com: TinyME Packs a Big Punch

,----[ Quote ]
| TinyME Test 6 was announced today on Distrowatch.Com and we thought we would 
| take a quick look at it. This little distro packs a big punch and we enjoyed 
| the ride. Take a short look at our Flash Video of TinyME Linux based on the 
| user friendly PCLinuxOS.   


TinyMe Test 5 released!

,----[ Quote ]
| The changes for test 5 are almost too numerous to mention. This will 
| hopefully be our last test release before TinyMe Final. 


TinyMe - The little distro that could

,----[ Quote ]
| This derivative version of PCLOS really is a tiny little gem that's slowly, 
| but surely growing into a much bigger diamond.  I look forward to the 
| eventual final release of this distribution in the near future.  


Mini Review of a Tiny PCLOS

,----[ Quote ]
| TinyMe is a scaled down version of PCLinuxOS 2007. The latest version 
| is delivered as a 177 MB liveCD and features the Lightweight X11 
| Desktop Enviroment, Synaptic, and the PCLinuxOS Control Center. It 
| comes with a few applications, so it could be a really light version 
| of PCLOS for older computers or a foundation on which to build your 
| own system as you choose.


Distrowar: TinyME vs. Sidux

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion:
| For the first time ever in the history of distrowar, we have a tie. This only 
| means that Sidux and TinyME may differ in strengths and weaknesses, but in 
| the end, they are in the same way competent.  

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