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[News] Another New German NAS Runs GNU/Linux

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Transtec Computers Limited: transtec NAS File Servers Now for Linux; Storage
systems with Open-E DSS software enable file sharing and network access with
high availability

,----[ Quote ]
| Banbury -- transtec Computers Limited, a subsidiary of transtec AG, the
| computer manufacturer based in Tubingen Germany, now offers its NAS
| File Servers (Network Attached Storage) with the Linux operating
| system. It is based on Open-E DSS (Data Storage Server) software.
| Linux-based servers and workstations used in companies, research
| institutes and data centres become even more powerful thanks to these
| new storage solutions.


Also in Germany:

The 14th International LinuxTag

,----[ Quote ]
| The 14th International LinuxTag in Berlin is making its mark as Europe’s 
| leading marketing platform for Linux and open source software. From 28 to 31 
| May 2008 the organisers are anticipating more than 10, 000 visitors from 30 
| countries in the display halls in Berlin. Germany’s Vice-Chancellor and 
| Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is acting as patron of LinuxTag, 
| and this underlines its role as a meeting place for innovators and job 
| creators in the German and European OSS industry, which is dominated by small 
| and medium-sized enterprises.       



Linux-based NAS gains UI update

,----[ Quote ]
| Taiwanese manufacturer Synology has shipped an AJAX-enhanced upgrade to 
| browser-based management software it ships with its hackable Linux-based NAS 
| systems. Disk Station Manager (DSM) 2.0 extends Synology's Disk Station and 
| Cube Station devices with features including video surveillance, photo 
| blogging, and game system support.    

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