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[News] Another New Review of the Linux-based Eee PC, Linux Migrations with Eee

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Asus Eee PC 900 Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| Upon its release last fall, the Asus Eee PC 4G was a diminutive sight to 
| behold: Sure, the tiny Linux-based system demanded some sacrifices, but we 
| were still buying what this budget ultraportable was selling, presumably to 
| cash-strapped shoppers and travelers who wanted a cheap second notebook for 
| the road.    


Linux after one year

,----[ Quote ]
| I have some friends who now run Linux on their desktops and have purchased 
| Asus eees. But I look forward to the day when institutions I work with -- 
| especially trade unions -- take the decision to move away from expensive, 
| insecure, buggy software marketed by the Microsoft monopoly. I'm sure those 
| unions will discover as I have that once you've made the switch, you won't 
| ever look back.     


That's why Microsoft is so scared os low-cost Linux laptop and is willing to
dump XP copies for just 9 quid apiece.


My Asus Eee PC’s Linux Journey

,----[ Quote ]
| When I first received the Eee PC, it took about ten minutes of charging to
| get it to boot up, and my pleasure with my Eee was almost immediate.



Microsoft can't even give it away

,----[ Quote ]
| To sweeten the pill, there is also a considerable price incentive in buying a
| basic portable with GNU/Linux installed as opposed to one with Windows XP,
| which not only costs about 30 per cent more, but also has the nerve to
| require more storage space and memory.


2007's most important IT lesson is spelled with an Eee

,----[ Qote ]
| The Eee shows too just how out of date the 'is Linux ready for the desktop?'
| argument is. Yes it is. Anyone can pick up an Eee with its standard Linux
| distro - or with a number of freely available alternatives - and just use it.
| That alone revitalises the 'is this paid-for operating system value for
| money?' question.

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