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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Search Engine Tactic Called "Bribery as a Business Model"

____/ Linonut on Thursday 22 May 2008 16:37 : \____

> * Roy Schestowitz peremptorily fired off this memo:
>> How this kind of thing works - Soft Bribery
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| "We really like the work you're doing. Say, it looks like this deal isn't
>>| going to go our way - but if it does, we'll need a partner to help us
>>| interoperate with the existing infrastructure - you installed a lot of it,
>>| so you're first in line and we'd like to book you in advance just to make
>>| sure we can get you. What are your rates? Well, we'd like to make sure we
>>| have you for at least six months and we actually pay a set rate in this
>>| area of $$$. Is that OK? We'll fax over our proposed contract right now,
>>| we're pretty eager to go ahead with this, so just to lock in our booking
>>| we'll deposit the first 25% of the contract as soon as you fax it back to
>>| us, is that good with you? Refundable if we don't get the deal of course.
>>| Commercial in confidence, naturally. Let us know ASAP, and good luck with
>>| the deal!"
>>| The contract was over triple what the linux deal would have
>>| earned....
>> `----
> Maybe that's what happened to DFS?
Incentives/rewards are the way Microsoft works with most of its shills,
including bloggers whom it voluntarily (out of the blue) sends laptops.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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