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[News] Lobbyists Want to Poison Kids' Minds with IP and Other BS

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Verheugen Commission wants to set the minds of children

,----[ Quote ] 
| Responsible lobbyism respects our democratic culture. Unfettered technocratic 
| thinking neglects the basic principles of European liberalism. The small 
| business act as an example for loss of reality.  


Does open source mandate change in copyright law?

,----[ Quote ]
| The purpose of copyright and patent rights is not the permanent enrichment of 
| authors, inventors, and their descendents or assigned corporate parents. It 
| is to provide an incentive for the creation and distribution of new work.  



Can Microsoft teach tots digital-age virtue?

,----[ Quote ]
| The basis of Redmond's pitch was a small survey they sponsored where nearly 
| half of the kids polled said they were unfamiliar with the rules and 
| guidelines of using copyrighted media. Microsoft figured tots would be less 
| inclined to steal someone's IP if they knew about the alleged consequences.   
| A lot of digital ink was used to slam Microsoft's scheme. People need Redmond 
| telling them about IP rules like they need Pavorotti schooling them about a 
| well-balanced diet.  


Threat Of Jail Time Increases Respect For Copyright, Microsoft Says

,----[ Quote ]
| It's not clear whether Microsoft's statement to teen respondents -- "When you 
| do not follow these rules you are open to significant fines and possibly jail 
| time" -- is entirely accurate, particularly when teens under the age of 18 
| are involved. Emily Berger, an intellectual property fellow at the Electronic 
| Frontier Foundation, is skeptical. "I think it's being used as a scare 
| tactic," she said. "It's a real stretch of the law to say it's theoretically 
| possible."      


Microsoft training youth to love intellectual property

,----[ Quote ]
| Take, for example, its commitment to help teenagers understand the importance 
| of respecting intellectual property (read: giving Microsoft more money). It 
| just put out a survey showing that when kids understand the rules of 
| copyright, they're "less likely to download illegally."   
| [...]
| The one thing it didn't explain to teens is why they should retrofit 
| 20th-century copyright laws onto 21st-century realities. Digitization is a 
| fact. The web is a fact. Intellectual property is not the same as real, 
| tangible property, and should be treated and monetized differently.   

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