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Re: Remark of the Day from Steve "Scrambles to Escape Eggs" Ballmer

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____/ Linonut on Thursday 22 May 2008 12:42 : \____

> * Roy Schestowitz peremptorily fired off this memo:
>> Funny remarks from a new press conference (yesterday):
>> 'Ballmer also noted the Xbox had been "a funny product for us" and that the
>> company had struggled for a while trying to figure out how to make money out
>> of it.
> Microsoft would make more money from Xbox if they didn't have to send
> out so many refurbished units to customers.

If they still have a house to send it to.

This one is from exactly one month ago:

Xbox 360 burns house down

,----[ Quote ]
| An Xbox 360 has allegedly caused over $100,000 (£50,000/€62,000) worth of 
| damage to an US gamer’s house, after the console’s power brick caught fire. 


Also recent:

Bill Gates May Have to Testify In Xbox Fire Case

,----[ Quote ]
| The lawyer for the family of a teenage girl who was horribly burned in a 
| house fire allegedly sparked by a faulty Xbox game console is threatening to 
| have Microsoft chairman Bill Gates testify about the safety of his company's 
| offshore manufacturing practices.   


Microsoft Admits ALL Xbox360's Are Defective

,----[ Quote ]
| Though Robbie Bach, head of Microsoft's Xbox360 Division refused to elaborate 
| on the issue, the general consensus is that it's one of botched thermal 
| design management and inadequate dissipation of heat leading to component 
| failure.   


Raikes and Other Exits

,----[ Quote ]
| It's weird that Mini and all the commenters here have failed to notice the 
| mass exodus from the Xbox team in 2007. By my count, more than 15% of the 
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| product team (dev/PM/test) have left Microsoft for Apple, Sony, Google, 
| Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, and various other companies (including several 
| startups, local and in the Valley).    


Microsoft facing $1bn Xbox bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, has not revealed how many of its machines have suffered the 
| problem, but said the number was "bigger than we are comfortable with."


The story about the dead baby is still in doubt, so I won't bring it up. The
family accused Microsoft because the XBox seems to have been the cause for the

>> "The same applies to Zune," he laughed, "except we still haven't figured out
>> how to make money out of that one."'
> Microsoft should ask their "Plays Fer Sure, Dood" partners about that
> one.

Maybe they are still squirting* songs out of excitement.

*Microsoft terminology.

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