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Re: Government minister takes pop at Microsoft security

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____/ bbgruff on Thursday 22 May 2008 15:07 : \____

> A Government minister has launched a veiled attack on Microsoft's
> security record.
> Baroness Vadera, the parliamentary under secretary of state for the
> Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) cited
> Internet Explorer as an example of customers deserting a product
> because of poor security, whilst giving evidence to the House of Lords
> Science and Technology Committee.
> "Microsoft's Internet Explorer automatically downloads security updates
> every 30 days," she claimed. "There's an interesting thing going on of
> a switch to an alternative, Firefox, because it does it every six days
> and people are beginning to get aware of that."
> (Hmmm... maybe you folks haven't wasted your time making all atht
> coffee - it looks to me as though folks are starting to waken up....)

Last year they had a hearing where they put Microsoft under great pressure for
leaving us in a world where almost 1 in 2 PCs is a zombie. What can they
really do about it though?

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