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[News] Latest OOXML Failures; Process Called a Farce

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Alex Brown and the lost scroll of OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| So where are we now? I would first like to thank Mr Brown for his 
| clarifications, but I am not sure we’re anywhere more advanced than 
| yesterday. We still have no bloody OOXML, and that’s not going to happen 
| anytime soon. The latest findings only confirm how the standardization 
| process has become a farce.    



20 May: a day of anniversaries

,----[ Quote ]
| Ultimately the situation raises questions which go to the heart of the
| relationship between JTC 1 as an entity, and its member bodies. Just who is
| in charge, the nations or the officials? The unfortunate state of the
| Directives have meant there have been too many occasions when officials have
| had to step in and save the nations from the folly of the Directives that
| they themselves approved. Like ODF and OOXML the Directives is (literally) a
| standard, a standard that has faults. Unlike ODF and OOXML, however, I am
| beginning to believe the Directives have got to a state where they cannot be
| redeemed by evolution and amendment. It may be time to start again from
| scratch.



Martin Bryan: we are getting “standardization by corporation”

,----[ Quote ]
| A November informative report of Martin Bryan, Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34
| WG1 highlights the fallout of the ECMA-376 fast-track process for ISO. He
| says he is 'glad to be retiring before the situation becomes impossible'
| [...]
| In what is an astonishingly outspoken report, Martin Bryan, Convenor, ISO/IEC
| JTC1/SC34 WG1 has given us insight into the total mess that Microsoft/ECMA
| have caused during their scandalous, underhand and unremitting attempts to
| get - what is a very poorly written specification {i.e. DIS 29500 aka OOXML,
| AR} - approved as an ISO standard. …


Dysfunctional ISO - Courtesy of Microsoft


Microsoft accused of stacking ISO committee

,----[ Quote
| In a memo sent following his last meeting as head of the working group on
| WG1, which is handling Microsoft’s application to make the Word format an ISO
| standard as ECMA 376, outgoing Governor Martin Bryan (above), an expert on
| SGML and XML, accused the company of stacking his group.

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