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[News] SPECviewperf 10 Released for Linux; GNU/Linux on MokaFive

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SPEC Releases SPECviewperf 10 for Linux/Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) announced that a Linux/Unix 
| version of SPECviewperf 10 graphics performance evaluation software is  
| currently available on CD or as a free download on the company's Web site. 


MokaFive launches its virtual desktop solution

,----[ Quote ]
| The desktop virtualization market has a new solution in the mix from 
| California based startup MokaFive. On Tuesday, the company launched its 
| MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution (formerly LivePC). The product has been in 
| development in one form or another for almost three years, and has had more 
| than 80,000 downloads already, and has been deployed in 50 different pilots.    
| [...]
| The company said its "LivePCs" can be executed on any x86-based desktop or 
| laptop equipment, and can even be launched from storage devices like USB 
| sticks. And the solution runs on Windows XP and Vista, Macintosh Leopard and 
| a stripped down version of Linux called BareMetal Linux.   


Last year:

SPECviewperf 10 to come for Linux, Mac OS X 

,----[ Quote ]
| The future of this benchmark is going multi-platform, since development group 
| is pushing to release binaries for Linux and Mac OS X. 


Last month:

MokaFive and Desktop Virtualization

,----[ Quote ]
| Enhanced security with BareMetal™: While the MokaFive solution is designed 
| with security in mind, the company has created BareMetal for those with 
| higher security demands. This customized Linux distribution runs on bare 
| computer hardware without an underlying operating system, making it optimal 
| for security-critical applications. As an added benefit, businesses save on 
| licensing costs, since BareMetal is a Linux-based system.     

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