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Re: [News] Corel Encouraged to Embrace Open Source to Stay Relevant

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Earth to Corel: open your Office, or give it up

,----[ Quote ]
In a nutshell, StarOffice and OpenOffice.org give users
freedom. Both run on almost every modern popular OS the user
might choose to run. Corel's Wordperfect Office? "Windows!",
"as expensive as Microsoft's Office", "no freedom, same kind
of vendor lock-in, only with a different owner at the end of
the dog collar".

In short: Wordperfect Office has a niche, and will continue
to have one. It won't get very far into the 21st century if
Corel doesn't open its code. They could sell support and an
enhanced version, just like Sun does with StarOffice - and
it embraces mutiple operating systems - as the OS is increasingly irrelevant, as Linux-based tablets and Ubuntu
pre-loaded Dell machines show.


With the ways things are going with the Vista operating system, I can foresee a paradigm shift. Windows is at the end of the life cycle for the product. Microsoft's cash cow is its Office Suite. It would not surprise me that in the near future, to see it open its doors to a Linux version. Of course that would be a pay version, not open source. But it would make sense for corporate survival, IMHO.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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