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[News] Amarok Gets New New Looks; Galeon Introduced

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A wolf in designer clothing

,----[ Quote
| Ok, so I kinda liked the latter iterations of the Graywolf look for Amarok 2. 
| Apparently, not many others did though. So Lee Olson ( our main artist at the 
| moment ) and I have been thinking of alternatives for a while. And It would 
| seem we have finally come up with something that has managed to get most of 
| the Amarok team excited. It is still in the initial phase and a lot of work 
| is needed still, but so far it is already a huge improvements to the overall 
| look of Amarok 2, at leasts in my humble opinion. This new look is much more 
| clean, and actually a lot closer to our initial idea of what Amarok 2 should 
| look like.        


Screenshots on page.

Galeon: It's like Firefox for Spartans

,----[ Quote
| There's no shortage of light weight web browser for Linux. But since Galeon 
| can render any web page Firefox can, the browser is far more useful than 
| other browsers such as Dillo or Konqueror  



Comparison Between Linux Web Browsers - Review of 5 Linux Browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| I chose to only review the GUI web browsers, since it's not exactly
| appropriate to compare a text-based browser like Lynx with Opera, for
| example. The browsers reviewed are the latest ones included in Debian Lenny,
| current date (May 17, 2008). The system used to review them is a Intel Core 2
| Duo 1.8 GHz with 1 GB DDRAM2. The comparison includes the major five Linux
| browsers: Konqueror, Firefox, Opera, Epiphany and Galeon. I'm aware of others
| like Dillo or the older Mozilla, but decided to include only the big players
| at the moment.
| [...]
| I must say, in my opinion Firefox is indeed the 'best' web browser for Linux
| at the moment. But of course, this depends on each one's needs. Some say it
| is a memory hog and Epiphany is lighter, or maybe others like good KDE
| integration and use Konqueror, or others prefer all the good features Opera
| comes with.



In Pictures: Readers' Picks for Best Products of the Year

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Firefox 2 (Web browser)
| "The best browser just got better. Session saving and a built-in
| spell checker make it better than ever."

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