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[News] Firefox 3.0 (RC1) Reviews, Advantages

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Mozilla Launches Firefox 3.0 RC1, and It's Great

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| I've used Firefox 3.0 since the beta 4 release, and it's really like using an 
| entirely fresh, revamped browser. (If you don't believe me, read Michael 
| Muchmore's review of Firefox 3.0 beta 4.) It just snaps -- pages render 
| noticeably faster using the Gecko 1.9 renderer, which improves the experience 
| tremendously.  


Five Extensions You Won't Need with Firefox 3

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that Mozilla's locked down Firefox 3's feature set, it's clear the new 
| browser iteration will render some extensions obsolete. Firefox 3 will 
| include functionality out-of-the-box that you could only get with add-ons 
| before. Let's take a look at five extensions you might not need when you 
| switch to Firefox 3.    


Firefox developers tinker with new security protections (finally)

,----[ Quote ] 
| Developers of the Firefox browser are designing new technologies aimed at 
| protecting users from some of the nastiest and most prevalent forms of 
| website attacks.  


about:mozilla - New contest, Support Firefox day, Firefox 3, AMO, LiMo,
Shredder, and more



Firefox 3 RC 1 full review

,----[ Quote ]
| A year and a half after the last major Firefox release, Firefox 3 Release
| Candidate 1 is here with  a very long list of new features and improvements.
| [...]
| It also seems, Yahoo! was the only web mail service to provide the necessary
| interfaces to use it as mailto: protocol handler. Gmail and Live will
| certainly be missed but they should be easy to add as they become available.
| At this stage it also expected that most extension developers will get back
| to work to make their pieces compatible with Firefox 3. The ongoing Extend
| Firefox 3 contest (now with a music category) provides additional motivation.


Firefox 3 First Look

,----[ Quote ]
| All-in-all, Firefox 3 is more than good enough to keep me as a user. Better
| still, from Mozilla's viewpoint, its good enough that it should pull in
| another wave of new users. It's not just a major step up from Firefox 2; it's
| a leap forward from the other new browsers such as the forthcoming Internet
| Explorer 8.


Firefox 3 RC 1: A Guided Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| It is still pre-release software, but the speed and several of the new
| features are truly welcome additions to almost everybody's favorite open
| source browser. Here's a tour of what's under the hood.


CyberNotes: Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Impress Your Friends

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox extensions are often lauded for the additional features and
| functionality that they bring to the browser. Some of them can save you crazy
| amounts of time, while others are more about beautifying Firefox. Here at
| CyberNet we typically try to focus on those extensions that can make you more
| productive, but today we’re going to flaunt what the developers have given
| us. That’s right, it’s time to tell your friends that your browser is better
| than theirs.


Firefox 3: Site Identification button

,----[ Quote ]
| Ensuring that users are safe, secure, and protected while they browse the Web
| is one of the greatest challenges facing browser makers. Browser security
| involves a delicate balance between protecting the user from the dangers that
| exist on the Web and overly restricting the user’s freedom to go where she
| wants and see what she wants while surfing.

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