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[News] [SOT] Fraudulent Execs List Growing Very Large Very Fast

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Dysfunctional executive watch

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's the first installment of Train Wreck's first recurring post: 
| Dysfunctional Executive Watch. It'll show up whenever there's enough 
| material. Enjoy the lunacy, and let us know if you've got something to 
| report.   


Busted: Eight Ex-AOL Execs Charged With Ad Revenue Fraud

,----[ Quote ]
| While four of the former executives paid off settlements with the SEC to 
| escape its clutches without admitting or denying anything, four more intend 
| to battle back against the Feds.  


Perhaps -- just perhaps -- some people up there are finally cracking down on
known criminals in suits. Microsoft ought to be scared.


Ex-Microsoft domain buyer's sentencing in June

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's another quick scheduling note for people following the case of Carolyn
| Gudmundson, the former Microsoft domain manager who pleaded guilty to mail
| fraud after being charged with stealing money from the company.



Former tech executive found guilty of securities fraud

,----[ Quote
| The former chairman and CEO of dot-com boom company PurchasePro.com is found 
| guilty of securities fraud 


BAE chief exec, director detained at US airports

,----[ Quote ]
| The company has always said that it has obeyed the law at every stage, and 
| that all its dealings were sanctioned by the British government. Indeed, some 
| of the Bandar payments were said to have moved via a UK Ministry of Defence 
| account. (However, this was apparently an account belonging to the former 
| Defence Export Services Organisation, an MoD arms-sales bureau controlled and 
| partly staffed by seconded arms-industry executives rather than civil 
| servants or uniformed officers.)      


EC charges Broadcom founder, gen counsel

,----[ Quote ]
| The men schemed from 1998 to 2003 to secretly backdate stock option grants,
| which forced the company to eventually restate its financial results and
| report more than $2 billion in extra compensation expenses, the SEC said in a
| statement.


McAfee Anti-fraud Researcher Charged With Fraud

,----[ Quote ]
| Brett Oliphant, whose title had been vice president of security services
| before the Napa, California, company was acquired by McAfee in January, is
| facing 11 counts of securities fraud in transactions that allegedly brought
| in more than US$1.215 million.


More Hints from More Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy

,----[ Quote ]
| This bill is for $125,930.70, which represents a voluntary reduction.
| Hahahaha. 274.90 hours of financial counseling. What better for a company in
| bankruptcy? The bulk of the time was under the header "Liquidation Analysis".
| What is that? How to run through all your cash so Novell can't get any? Both
| of them have been busy as bees working on SCO's alleged new reorganization
| plan. It seems to be humming along, even if SCO isn't.


Question of law: appointment of 46 US patent judges under cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| A US law professor has uncovered a constitutional flaw in appointing judges
| who decide patent appeals and disputes, which could undo thousands of patent
| decisions concerning claims worth billions of dollars.
| The basic point John F. Duffy, who teaches at the George Washington
| University Law School, has raised does not appear to be in dispute. Since
| 2000, patent judges have been appointed by a government official without the
| constitutional power to do so.
| “I actually ran it by a number of colleagues who teach administrative law and
| constitutional law,” Duffy said, recalling his own surprise at finding such a
| fundamental and important flaw. He thought he must be missing something. “No
| one thought it was a close question.”

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