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[News] [Rival] Confirmed: Windows 7apourware is Still Vapour

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Windows 7: The information lockdown continues

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m hearing increasing dissatisfaction from Microsoft customers, testers and 
| other sources typically in the insider track that Microsoft still hasn’t 
| shared any Windows 7 information. The silence is deafening — and 
| disconcerting — they say. As was the case with Internet Explorer 8, the issue 
| isn’t whether Microsoft’s Windows client team is sitting on its hands, doing 
| nothing; instead, the worry is that Microsoft is moving full-steam-ahead to 
| build a Windows 7 that won’t have a whole lot of input from outsiders. After 
| the compatibility and marketing nightmares that have plagued Vista, one would 
| think Microsoft might be interested in letting its users have more sway on 
| what they really want from a new version of Windows.         


There's no Windows 7. They can barely get Vista sorted out. Ballmer has called
it "work in progress." Maybe they change some variable definition in the
header files to say "7" [sarcasm /] to call Vista's codebase something else in
order to freeze the market. Then they use the shill-nalysts to talk about 7 as
though it's coming.

Windows ‘Fiji’ beta testing has begun

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking of Microsoft information lockdown, there’s been no word in ages from 
| Microsoft about “Fiji,” the next version of Windows Media Center Edition. 



Microsoft Clears Gates-Induced Confusion about Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| This statement created widespread confusion as most people understood that 
| the final version of Windows 7 would be released next year, much earlier than 
| expected. However, since this was Gates talking, and with all the fuss 
| concerning Vista's failure on the market, people started wondering whether 
| Microsoft changed its plans and wants to speed up the release of Windows 7, 
| the next operating system from the Redmond company, due to replace Vista.     
| However, a Microsoft spokesman told CNN that in fact the industry veteran was 
| talking about alpha or beta versions, as it usually happens, and not the 
| final product.  



Microsoft : Windows 7 still in planning stage and will take approximately 3
years to develop.
,----[ Quote ]
| January 26th, 2008. Looks like Microsoft is NOT planning to release Windows 7 
| in 2009. Microsoft's official response, by an email dated 26th January, 2008, 
| to WinVistaClub states that Windows 7 is still in the planning stage and will 
| take approximately 3 years to develop.    


,----[ Quote ]
| From nathanm Mon Oct 01 11:42:05 1990
| To: billg; bradsi;
| Subject: SPARC, MIPS & Compaq
| DateL Tue Oct 02, 22:57:14 1990
| [...]
| The purpose of announcing early like this is to freeze the market at the 
|                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| OEM and ISV level. In this respect it is JUST like the original Windows 
| announcement ..
| One might worry that this will help Sun because we will just have 
|                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| vaporware, that people will stop buying 486 machines, that we will have 
| ^^^^^^^^^
| endorsed RISC but not delivered .. So, Scott, do you really think you 
| can fight that avalanche?


Imaginary Innovations

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, Intel and Motorola were especially vocal in promoting
| alliances with media brands that, a year later, have fizzled or
| haven't come to fruition at all.
| Last year, Microsoft pumped up the crowds about its URGE music
| service, which it created in conjunction with Viacom's MTV. But
| while MTV is just now beginning to promote the service, Microsoft
| seems to have moved on in favor of the Zune Marketplace and the
| potential of satellite TV on Media Center PCs and Xbox 360s.


Vaporware '06: Return of the King

,----[ Quote ]
| 8. The "IPod Killer"
| Every time we hear about a new portable audio device, it's touted
| as the magic bullet that will end the iPod's reign once and for
| all.
| Oh, you mean that thing? The one with the ugly design and clunky
| user interface? Does it at least work with iTunes?
| Microsoft's Zune was supposed to do the trick, but it's sitting
| on the shelves (even the SanDisk Sansa is selling better than Zune)w
| hile the kids are all enjoying their freshly unwrapped, shiny new
| iPods.
| Note to everyone: It's a White Wire World. Get over it.


Microsoft Murders Max

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, it's official at any rate. Contrary to what you've heard, Windows
| Vista will not be shipping with any of the original technologies,
| features, capabilities, or subsystems originally promised (and for
| those of you that really couldn't tell: it's called sarcasm!). First
| it was the real Aero - complete visual control over one's system.
| Amazing graphics, sidebars that were a part of the Windows Core,
| Aero Diamond. Then it was NGSCB and its amazing security features
| - not DRM, but total privacy control; your privacy. Monad. Last
| we heard, it was WinFS, the king-pin feature that was promised
| to change the way you think of data... And now the last one is
| gone: Microsoft Max is dead.


Microsoft exec "guarantees" graphical superiority for 360 titles

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea of a "guarantee" of better-looking titles is substantially
| silly, however. Graphics quality is often subjective, and without a
| clear horsepower advantage of one system over the other, it will be
| difficult if not impossible to claim that titles on one system look better 
| than those on another. 


More than half of Microsoft Vista needs re-writing 

,----[ Quote ]
| "Up to 60% of the code in the new consumer version of Microsoft new Vista
| operating system is set to be rewritten..."


Microsoft admits Vista screwed - report 

,----[ Quote ]
| Vista SP1 is code named "Fiji", presumably after a pretty looking
| island which is paralysed by coups.
| In a statement regarding the service pack Microsoft admits that
| Vista has "high impact" problems.


MS Insider: The Office Crew Isn't Smart Enough to Supplant Real Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| "With Alchin retiring, MarkL and MarkZ, two of the most talented
| architects in MS already having left, the picture gets really
| ugly for the Windows division," my friend claimed, and the BV's
| core team members, Ian McDonald, Jack Mayo, Todd Wanke, Clyde
| Rodriguez and others are starting to connect the dots.
| [...]
| He concluded ominously. "A trainwreck of biblical proportions looms.
| Pick a good seat on the sidelines, trainwrecks this large take
| awhile to complete. Vista may be the last MS OS for some time to
| come, especially if Cutler decides to play hardball."

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