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[News] Good Review of OpenOffice.org 3.0 in Canadian Press

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OpenOffice 3.0 beta gets the job done - and it's free

,----[ Quote ]
| If you think that you always get what you pay for, the just-released beta of 
| OpenOffice 3.0 should convince you otherwise. This free, open-source software 
| suite provides most of what anyone could want in an office suite, including a 
| word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, drawing tools, 
| and math equation editor.    



Another Microsoft Headache: OpenOffice.org 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenOffice.org community is now beta testing the next major upgrade to
| its office productivity suite, version 3.0, and there is enough in it to
| cause Microsoft some more worry.


More Flesh for 'Bare Bones' Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| You don't have to spend as much as you once did to get a decent computer
| nowadays, and thanks to free software, you don't have to spend anything at
| all for a decent suite of office apps like OpenOffice. Even if you want to
| eventually migrate to a commercial office product, this is a good "starter"
| for a new computer user.
| [...]
| Of course, the expense of computing is not limited to the PC itself.


Microsoft earnings post-mortem: The cash cows quiver

,----[ Quote ]
| I can’t help but wonder if the lackluster Windows/Office results also can be
| attributed to Microsoft brass’s complete and crazy obsession with Google (and
| taking over Yahoo) has resulted in no one minding the Windows store. Kevin
| Johnson, the head of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services division seems to be so
| laser-focused on the online-ad business these days that he almost seems to
| have forgotten Microsoft is still in the software business, too.
| Microsoft execs’ claims about walking away from the Yahoo deal are nothing
| more than bluster. A protracted hostile takeover bid is just going to
| distract not just employees in Microsoft’s online services business, but
| company management, too. It’s not a pretty picture.



,----[ Quote ]
| EuroOffice is the name of a free and open-source OpenOffice.org derivative
| and a set of accompanying free and non-free extensions. Most of the
| extensions also work with "vanilla" OpenOffice.org.  


BE, NL: governments will not use ISO OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| Asked to comment on last week's ISO approval for OOXML, Fedict's chief IT
| architect, Peter Strickx, said: "There will have to be multiple
| implementations, in order for us not to become dependent on a single vendor.
| It will also have to be compatible with open standards that we already use,
| in this case Open Document Format ODF."    


DE: German Foreign Ministry will not use ISO OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| In the weeks prior to the second round of votes last September,
| irregularities were reported in the standard committees in many participating
| countries. These claims  continued until after the final discussion, in
| February and March this year.  
| The European Commission has started an investigation into the allegations.
| The Commission sent a letter to all EU national standards committees in
| Europe, requesting information about the process. Sources at the Commission
| declined to comment, as the investigation is on-going and no official
| position has yet been adopted.    


EU: Europarlement testing Ubuntu, OpenOffice and Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Parliament's IT department is testing the use of GNU/Linux
| distribution Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and other Open Source applications,
| the British MEP James Nicholson explained last week in a letter to Italian
| MEP Marco Cappato.  


Just a coincidence?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Davide Dozza, Chairman of Associazione PLIO: "The numbers are
| exactly the same. If it's just a coincidence, it's a very strange one.
| Downloads of the Italian version of OpenOffice.org were 800.000 in 2006 and
| 1.800.000 in 2007: the difference is exactly in the million of Italians
| that - according to Microsoft - have downloaded the trial version of Office
| 2007. We think that these users have decided to switch to OpenOffice.org as
| soon as they have realized that the effort to get used to the new ribbon
| interface is higher than the effort to migrate to the open source suite. In
| 2007, the majority of information requests has been about the compatibility
| with Windows Vista, and the trend stays unchanged in 2008".

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