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[News] Tensions Grow Between Purists and Pragmatists

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Coming out of the closet


Interesting claims


Of Purists and Pragmatists

,----[ Quote ]
| Now we have a similar situation regarding Mono. The purists are concerned 
| that there may be issues to do with software patents in jurisdictions that 
| recognise them. To them, it seems folly to create what may be tainted code 
| because of the digital sword of Damocles hanging over them through such 
| intellectual monopolies. For the pragmatists, by contrast, Mono is simply a 
| good way of programming that can serve the useful purpose of allowing people 
| to run .Net-based programs on free software. All in all, then, they believe 
| it is to be welcomed as a way of increasing the use of open source.       
| There is a particular irony in this situation, because this time it is the 
| GNOME project's use of Mono that is proving unacceptable to the purists, 
| whereas ten years ago, GNOME was the purist solution to the problems with 
| KDE's pragmatism. If nothing else, this shows how foolish it would be to 
| judge projects on their past alignments rather than present actions.     



Look beyond the license type and find the best product

,----[ Quote ]
| Another busy week here at FierceContentManagement. Lots of big news, so much
| that I had my top five stories chosen by last Friday, an unusual occurrence,
| but you will note one clear pattern this week, the emergence of open source
| tools. Several of today's items involved open source projects and services,
| and this was on the heels of last week's Alfresco's major release of Alfresco
| Labs 3.

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