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[News] KDE Offers iTunes Replacement to Palm Pre Users

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An open alternative for Palm Pre iTunes users

,----[ Quote ]
| He continued, “We promise not to change our application to prevent users to 
| use Amarok with your device. Not only do we care about our users, we are not 
| a competitor to you or have any ulterior motives. Amarok is already fully 
| supported on all flavors of Linux and we have beta releases on Windows and 
| Mac OSX which just need a bit of polishing and stabilization.”    
| Much as I like iTunes, you have to admit, especially if you’re Palm or any 
| other phone or hand-held device maker, that the Amarok offer should be taken 
| seriously. After all, you’re in the business of selling full-featured 
| devices, not playing software catch-up. Wouldn’t you rather have an open 
| platform that would just work for your customers without worries? I know I 
| would.      



Apple Does As Many Expected: Kills Palm Pre iTunes Syncing

,----[ Quote ]
| The pettiness of Apple continues... Last month, Apple warned potential buyers
| of the Palm Pre that it might break that phone's ability to sync with iTunes.
| It didn't take long for Apple to follow through. In an upgrade to iTunes,
| which Apple claims was for "bug fix" but also to handle "verification"
| issues, it has blocked the Palm Pre from accessing iTunes.


The Business Of Free

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the things that was touched upon was the recent release of the Palm
| Pre smartphone which relies on Apple's iTunes software for synchronising
| music with a computer. An interesting question asked was what would happen if
| Apple decided to block the Pre from using iTunes. Now, just over a week
| later, this is exactly what happened. Apple has indeed blocked the Pre from
| using iTunes with its latest update.
| Unfortunately, this is just business as usual in the world of proprietary
| software. In the end, Palm will surely find a way around this, but in the
| meantime, the users are being held hostage. Adding insult to injury, many
| Palm Pre owners have likely been purchasing music from iTunes to put on their
| new smartphones, thus becoming Apple customers as well, so in the end this
| move hurts Apple's music sales too.

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