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[News] Open Source Advances the Web with Prism, Social Networks

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Take Your Web Apps Out of the Browser with Mozilla's Prism

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh out of the Mozilla Labs oven this week is a beta version of Prism, a 
| new incarnation of WebRunner that integrates Web applications with the 
| desktop. The idea behind Prism starts with from the premise that as more 
| people move their computing activities to the cloud, users will become 
| increasingly dependent on Web apps designed to replace locally-based email, 
| calendaring, and word processing.     
| The problem is, running these types of apps in a Web browser adds clutter and 
| unecessary steps to what should be a straightforward user experience. Mozilla 
| wants to eliminate that particular pain point and streamline the way we use 
| Web-based applications.   


Murphy's Law: Do Open-Source Social Networks Matter?

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| So what's the takeaway?  When open-source is just a vision or a programming 
| goal, it can achieve its goals regardless of the size of the community that 
| grows around it.  But when you throw social networking into the mix, open 
| source development gets hit with a wrench.  While a number of interesting 
| open alternatives to common, proprietary social networking platforms exist 
| today, they are never going to be able to carry the kind of clout of the big 
| social networks.  An open-source social network has to be the game-changing 
| application like Twitter was to the normal Web back in 2006 -- you can't just 
| copy the best and expect to find much success.         



Open source manages the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| We've known for years that upwards of 70% of web sites use Apache to
| power their sites. We also know that much of MySQL's thriving business
| comes from "Web 2.0" companies - the web runs MySQL (and a heck of a loto
| f Linux). What has been less clear is how much of the web that we see
| is managed by open source web content management systems.

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