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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

On Fri, 15 May 2009 08:03:05 -0500, above the shrieking, FUDding & whining
of the trolls chrisv was heard to say:

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>>> Hadron snotted:
>>>>> pointing out you're a paranoid loony
> Oh, I forgot to ask, "Hadron".  Why would you claim that I'm
> "paranoid"?  
> It's because I have a deep mistrust of the Microsoft Corp, isn't it,
> "Hadron".
> Yeah, it's "real difficult" to find examples of you supporting
> Micro$oft, Hadron.  After all, you only do it in about 90% of your
> posts.
>>The searchable record is quite clear on "Hadron"'s support of Microsoft, his
>>contempt for OSS, and his never-ending attacks on anyone who advocates Linux
>>over Windows.
> Indeed.  Even in Hadron Quack's first post to this thread, the
> dishonesty and shitty attitude is pretty apparent.  "Miguel" should
> have picked-up on that, even if he didn't know Quack's history.

As this "Miguel de Icaza" was responsible for starting the GNOME project,
working on Midnight Commander & for creating Gnumeric, I wonder how he
feels about being called an amateur by his new friend, Halfwit Hadron....

Linux: "looks quite amateurish"
 If you ignore the reading of "amateurish" as "crap" one would hope
it does look like the work of amateurs since they are indeed amateurs
most of the time.
Hadron Quack - Tue, 18 Nov 2008 - COLA

It IS because of him and two other useless people in particular
(CBFalconer and Harold "old school" Stevens (probably both Willy nyms)
that I started to drift from the Ubuntu fan boy zone.
Hadron - Message-ID: <gdl55d$lc2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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