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Re: [News] DRM and the Copyright Cartel Harm Disabled People

Tony(UK) wrote:
> On Fri, 15 May 2009 00:48:30 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Kindle 2 vs Reading Disabled Students
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The Author’s Guild seeks not only to prevent further cultural
>> participation | by reading-disabled people, but also to deny them the
>> benefits of scientific | advancement by blocking an existing technology
>> from performing its intended | role—and doing all this while demanding
>> remuneration for a capability they | themselves have done nothing to
>> promote. If this is how the Author’s Guild | wishes to treat those with
>> reading disabilities—as freeloaders attempting to | abuse the “added
>> value” of TTS—then I fear for the future of equal access. `----
>> http://www.keionline.org/blogs/2009/05/13/kindle-2-vs-reading-disabled-
> students/
> I find this disturbing, but typical of the 'I'm-alright-jack' attitude of 
> people who give no thought for others not so fortunate.
> This is fine, until they find themselves in that position. Then, they 
> wimper like stuck pigs.
> Survival of the fittest - we live in troubled times, and the problem is 
> world-wide. Of course, those who do not have a disability /at the moment/ 
> couldn't care less.

That is correct Tony, IMHO there are no "disabled" people. Our sick,
selfish and individualistic society makes people "disabled".

Which is plain stupid, because sooner or later every human begin will
get "disabled" to some extent.

I have many "disabled" friends. I do volunteering work for a movement
called Kompas (below is a Google Translation of the website).


The guy in front of the picture (in the wheelchair) is Peter Vreehen, he
is the founder of the foundation and a friend of mine since I was at the
age of 14.

My volunteering "job" at Kompas is nothing but supporting participants
in "using Internet".

The problem with most non "disabled" people is that they are ignorant.

My dear Mother (God bless her precious soul) was diagnosed Diabetes when
she was at the age of 52. Unfortunately first a tooth, then a foot and
finally a leg was amputated. Her second leg was amputated two years
later and she became blind (her sight was limited to 20%).

I was diagnosed Diabetes five years ago, but it's currently under
control (by changing my lifestyle and taking care of what I eat).
However I am very well aware of what (possibly) to expect in the future.
 I am prepared.

Unfortunately the ignorant crowd is not. They will probably freak out.

With Kind regards,

|_|0|_| Marti van Lin
|_|_|0| http://ml2mst.googlepages.com
|0|0|0| http://osgeex.blogspot.com

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