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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

On 2009-05-14, none of your buisiness <none@xxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Sinister Midget wrote:
>> I still think it's either Miguel or it's a very good troll. This
>> "person" gave a history of events that partially coincided with what is
>> known. By itself that doesn't prove anything, I know.
>> The Novell IP may just be where Miguel posts from when he's working on
>> behalf of his employer (disclaimers aside) and the 24.x.x.x may be when
>> he's working overtime at home.
> Here's something to think about:
> why is a man of his stature, in a high profile corporate position, posting
> in a usenet group consisting of a community people that he has betrayed,
> posting absolute rubbish and at the same time defending known trolls?

Maybe, as I suggested, he's employed to do that, both from work and
from home. I don't know that to be true. Just offering it as another

> do you think that the real Miguel would be willing to risk doing more damage
> to his reputation, not to mention, placing his career in jeopardy by saying
> the wrong things in usenet where it gets archived for eternity?

If his reputation is shot (and it is) how can he hurt it more by being
abrasive to linux users?

> another thing to mention is that the Comcast address is in the northeast. i
> don't think Miguel lives in that part of the country, however. Gary Stewart
> does.

I haven't checked that. I know Comcast is nationwide. I have no idea
how the IP range is divvied-up across the US.

> i am Not defending Miguel, but i have been lurking in this group long enough
> to know a Flatfish post when i see one & i also know that Gary Stewart will
> steal Miguel's identity just as he would anyone else's. 

Agreed. I also know Miguel has been abrasive more than once on his own.

Like I said, either it's a very good troll or it's Miguel. The only
thing that makes me question whether it's the flat one or not is that
Flatso usually can't avoid giving s/h/itself away rather quickly, and
unquestionably. This one has some questions attached. Maybe Flatti
finally figured a way to avoid dropping so many clues at once.

Anyway, I won't claim to know one way or the other. Either way,
whomever it was made sure to be a dick about things.

Windows: Microsoft's tax on computer illiterates.

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