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[News] [Rival] Microsoft-sponsored IDC-BSA Propaganda Fails to Tell Truth

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BSA Releases BS Numbers Yet Again, Then Says Don't Pay Attention To The 

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, it's the middle of May, and that means (like clockwork) the Business 
| Software Alliance (BSA) and IDC have come out with their annual bogus numbers 
| about software "piracy." They do this every year, despite the fact that their 
| numbers have been totally and completely debunked for years. Last year, they 
| were kind enough to call to discuss my concerns, but stood by the idea that 
| every unauthorized copy can be reasonably counted as a lost sale.      


Aargh! Walk the plank ye scurvy dogs!

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Channel Insider the Business Software Alliance and IDC report 
| that software piracy in 2008 cost over $50 billion in lost direct sales and 
| $150 to $200 billion in lost service and support.  
| No analysis is offered as to whether the alleged pirates could have paid for 
| licensed copies of the software in question had they chosen to. Nor is it 
| explained why users of properly licensed software would have required $150 to 
| $200 billion in additional service and support while the pirates manage to do 
| without. Rugged, self-sufficient folks those pirates, I suppose.    



The true cost of software piracy revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, let's forget the spin put on the piracy problem by the usual industry
| suspects. By which I mean the suggestion that the true cost of piracy is that
| it helps fund terrorists.
| That is just silly nonsense, FUD designed to confuse rather than clarify what
| has become a growing problem.



Anti-piracy day? No thanks

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is Microsoft’s self-declared Global Anti-Piracy Day. No surprise then
| that the local arm of the Business Software Alliance has been ringing up
| journalists over the past couple of days with the ominous news that South
| Africa is losing between R2.8 billion to software pirates every year.
| As usual, the BSA statements are sweeping and presumptive.
| For a start, South Africa doesn’t really lose all this money. Most of the
| licensing money heads straight overseas to companies like Microsoft and Adobe
| with this country holding on to very little of it.

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