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[News] Businesses Developed Using Free Software

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An OpenSource business for OpenSource funding

,----[ Quote ]
| In numerous posts, blogs, articles and forum threads on the web, we hear 
| about the need for OpenSource projects to get money to them in a consistent 
| and constant manner.  
| We also hear about the need to provide a single source provider of 
| responsibility and financial 'backing" of OpenSource software projects. 


Ingres Partners with Red Hat to Offer Open Source Software Stacks

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingres and Red hat are both used to supporting large business and government 
| customers, and they're also both well-known for providing excellent training. 
| Let's see if their partnership can give Oracle, Microsoft and IBM a run for 
| their money.    


Jaspersoft's developer community goes social

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source business intelligence software vendor Jaspersoft rolled out a new 
| set of social features this week on JasperForge, its community project 
| development Web site. The newly-added options give developers additional ways 
| to network, exchange ideas, and create projects more quickly. Companies that 
| rely on community involvement should take note because the current trend of 
| using social tools to enhance collaboration won't be going away anytime soon.     


Perception System maintains variety of Open Source Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| In simplest terms Open source is code/applications that are made available 
| for general use without cost/proprietary issues involved. To be successful 
| and to stay in the competitive market is ever changing business world, a 
| business should be such that, it can be able to adapt modern changes that 
| should be applied. Open source web development is improved Ecommerce 
| solutions for web development. There are various Open Source Technologies are 
| available in the market that offers significant benefits to emerging 
| companies.       



Germany funnels stimulus cash into open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Programme to boost open source skills in government and industry to receive
| part of Germany’s €500 million IT sector stimulus package
| The German government has revealed that some of €500 million it has earmarked
| for boosting the country’s IT sector during the downturn will be directed
| towards boosting its open source software skills base.

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