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[News] Hacker-friendly Slackware is Still Good, Arch Explored

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Slackware 12.1

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, Slackware is actually a good distro, and its customisation 
| options are excellent at every stage. Its package management system, while a 
| little difficult to get to grips with, is probably only as difficult as APT, 
| and as soon as you get X started most of the file editing stuff does not 
| matter so much. Against a distro like Ubuntu, Slackware is slower, less easy 
| to use, less up to date and less well supported, but its strongest aspect it 
| is customisation abilities, which would appeal if you wanted to run a server 
| or know what you are doing.       


A visit with Arch



5 Minutes of Slackware 12.2

,----[ Quote ]
| As expected all devices are detected. Slackware is fast and responsive. Boots
| to command line - boy does that take me back... Fortunately I haven't
| forgotten how to type "startx".


Review: Slackware 12.2

,----[ Quote ]
| So what is my ultimate verdict for Slackware?  On the one hand, stories of
| how hard it is to install Slackware are greatly exagerated.  They may have
| been true in the past, but nowadays, it’s pretty darned easy to install.


The Slackware 12.2 interview

,----[ Quote ]
| Covering a Linux distribution is hard work as there are so
| many areas to look at but hopefully I’ve given you a taste
| of what Slackware can do. The strength of Slackware lies in
| it’s reliable and stable base, it’s configurable method of
| setup, and it’s adherence to the principle of KISS ( keep
| it simple, stupid ). Patrick’s ongoing commitment to the
| distro in the face of personal difficulties shows the
| quality of people behind this oft-overlooked distro. Its
| continued use as a starting point for many other
| distro’s/LiveCDs and the fact that it’s the oldest usable
| Linux on the market shows its inherent importance in the
| grander scheme of things.


Upgrading to Slackware 12.1


First look at Slackware Linux 12.1


Slackware [12.1] Release Announcement

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