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[News] Good News for NVIDIA Graphics on Linux, Blender Has New Project

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NVIDIA Releases 180.60 Linux Display Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| It has been two or three weeks since we were last presented with a new 
| display driver from NVIDIA for Linux, whether it be in their 180.xx or 185.xx 
| series, a stable release, a beta release, or any of their legacy driver 
| updates. This timespan is quite long compared to the past few months where 
| they have released as many as five Linux drivers per month. This evening 
| though there is now a new stable release in the NVIDIA 180.xx driver series.     


NVIDIA Readies Its OpenCL Linux Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew Humber, NVIDIA's senior PR manager for their Tesla and CUDA products, 
| has passed along word that they have submitted OpenCL 1.0 supportive drivers 
| to the Khronos Group for conformance certification. This initial OpenCL 
| support will be on Linux and Windows, though there was no mention of OpenCL 
| on Solaris/OpenSolaris or FreeBSD where they also maintain proprietary 
| drivers.      


[Blender] Durian Project Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| concept-girl-black.jpegYes, it’s about time! The third open movie project had 
| been lined up to start much sooner, but more urgent work (Blender 2.5 coding) 
| forced it into the future. After all, it’s the purpose of the team here in 
| Amsterdam to test and improve the 2.5x versions significantly!   
| Now we intend to start up September 1, delivering a result around March/April 
| 2010. 



Again, We Have Another New NVIDIA Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month there were five Linux driver releases from NVIDIA and we have
| already seen quite a few this month, but just days after releasing the 180.51
| Linux driver, they have pushed out another new release. This time around
| NVIDIA released a new beta in the 185 series, which is called 185.18.04.


Four Days Pass, Time For New NVIDIA Linux Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA pushed out the 185.13 Beta Linux driver just four days ago, but
| already they have released another new Linux driver. This time around, the
| NVIDIA 180.37.04 driver was released. Most notably what's introduced with
| this driver is support for OpenGL 3.1, which was just publicly announced by
| the Khronos Group a few hours ago. This driver is based upon the 180.3x
| release stream does not incorporate some of the features found in the newer
| 185.xx series

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