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[News] Linux Beats OpenSolaris in Performance Benchmarks

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OpenSolaris vs. Linux Kernel Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| In a majority of the tests, Ubuntu came out ahead of Nexenta CP2, which is 
| based upon largely the same packages but incorporates some of OpenSolaris at 
| its core. In some of the tests where Ubuntu took the first place position, 
| the lead over Nexenta was very evident and huge.   


Nice new Linux feature:

The two sides of reflink()

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the discussions your editor missed at the recent Linux Storage and 
| Filesystem workshop covered the proposed reflink() system call. Fortunately, 
| the filesystem developers have now filled in the relevant information with a 
| detailed email exchange, complete with patches. We now have a proposed system 
| call which has created more open questions than answers. The creation of a 
| new core system call requires a lot of thought, so a close look at these 
| questions would seem to be called for.       



Red Hat Sets New Industry Benchmark Performance Records

,----[ Quote ]
| The dust is starting to settle around last week’s Intel Xeon 5500 series
| processor “Nehalem-EP” launch, in which Red Hat was a prominent partner.
| Intel called it their “most revolutionary server processors since…the Intel
| Pentium Pro processor 15 years ago.” The proof may be in the large number of
| new performance records that were established at the launch in which Red Hat
| and our partners exceeded previous results on eight different
| industry-standard tests. The results delivered by the applications that we
| ran reflect the real-world scalability and performance of Red Hat Enterprise
| Linux on the new quad-core Intel processors.



Red Hat Achieves Record-Setting Price and Performance Benchmark

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions,
| today announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux has achieved a powerful,
| record-setting TPC-C benchmark that demonstrates the rapid improvements that
| open source software can bring to overall performance and costs. In its fifth
| TPC-C result over 1M tpmC, Red Hat improved price performance to a level 20
| percent lower than the best competing non-Red-Hat result with a combination
| of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 on an IBM System x 3950 M2 with the new Intel
| X7460 Xeon processor.

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