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[News] More Open Source Storage Runs on GNU/Linux Server

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The State of Open Source Storage

,----[ Quote ]
| Krone said customers tend to add open source applications, like the Apache 
| Web server, or proprietary products, like Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) databases, to 
| those Linux-based servers to address a wide spectrum of business problems. To 
| meet this trend, most EMC storage hardware and software products have been 
| adapted to run in a Linux environment. For example, EMC's PowerPath family is 
| available in Linux.     



5TB NAS server runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Qnap Systems announced a new member of its "TS" family of Linux-based
| network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The five-bay, hot-swappable TS-509
| Pro Turbo NAS is equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron processor, 1GB RAM, and
| dual gigabit Ethernet ports.


Sun Leads Developers Down the Open Storage Path

,----[ Quote ]
| As a way of nurturing the developer community surrounding its open storage 
| initiative, Sun Microsystems is putting together a cookbook of sorts. Sun has 
| released a couple of recipes to help developers create storage units using 
| its Solaris operating system.   


Start-up adds standard PCs to storage pools

,----[ Quote ]
| Kapsean Inc. makes software called iSCUBE, which consists of a Linux-based 
| storage server operating system that takes disks from multiple x86 PCs, 
| aggregates the storage (compare storage products) and allows administrators 
| to move storage units across such devices as Windows servers, desktops and 
| notebooks, said Roger Gaudet, Kapsean's vice president of engineering and 
| chief architect.     


Linux NAS/iSCSI server adopts Atom

,----[ Quote ]
| Qnap Systems announced a six-bay (9TB), Intel Atom-based version of its
| family of "TS" network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The hot-swappable
| TS-639 Pro Turbo NAS runs Linux on a 1.6GHz Atom N270, and offers RAID 0-6
| support, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, an an iSCSI target server.


Share files and protect desktop PCs with this impressive device

,----[ Quote ]
| A single-board server running an embedded Linux OS provides the necessary 
| motive power, with room alongside for four Sata disks mounted in 
| hot-pluggable carriers, which simply slot into place at the front. The review 
| unit came with four 500GB Seagate Barracudas fitted, giving an overall 
| capacity of 2TB with a cheaper 1TB model (£549 ex Vat) with four 250GB drives 
| also available. A pair of USB2 ports also enable other disks to be added 
| should extra capacity be required.      

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