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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

William Poaster wrote:

> On Wed, 13 May 2009 23:18:59 +0200, above the shrieking, FUDding &
> whining of the trolls Peter Köhlmann was heard to say:
>> Hadron wrote:
>> < snip >
>>> Tell the little shit nothing. It's a bit like Jorg Schilling who was
>>> insulted and criticised by Chris Ahlstrom here. The COLA crowd
>>> actually tried tearing Schilling to pieces despite his considerable
>>> contributions to the OSS movement.
>> He currently *is* torn to pieces for constant lying in a german
>> newsgroup.
> I've seen it in other groups too, so Hardon Quack's jibe at the
> so-called "COLA crowd" falls flat on its face.

Here, some links to the debian bugs group, which is full of posts asking 
Jörg Schilling to somehow explain his misuse of bug-reporting.
And of (fruitlessly) explaining that twit the basics of GPL



Jörg Schilling, as good his software may be, is by far one of the most 
unpleasant people distro maintainers could have the misfortune to work 

No wonder nearly all major distros adamantly refuse to have any 
connections with that twit. He is a prime example of those misfits like 
Hadron Snot Quark and Snot Michael Glasser. Hazardous waste plants would 
refuse to recycle that garbage

>> Like Snot Michael Glasser he constantly snips questions regarding the
>> licence of the cdrtools and then fails to support his claims.
>> Which are, quite frankly, nearly as lunatic as a typical Snot Glasser
>> claim

Avoid reality at all costs.

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