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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

On Wed, 13 May 2009 12:28:51 -0500, above the shrieking, FUDding & whining
of the trolls chrisv was heard to say:

> Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>>> Nice fellow you're tag-teaming with, Miguel.
>>From the quotes you posted, it seems like you do not like him, because
>>he does not like Roy.
>>I am shocked, *shocked* that someone would not like Roy's hate
> Do you *really* think that "he does not like Roy" is the reason that
> "Hadron" is so despised in here?
> "Hadron" openly advocates restrictions (beyond those stiplulated in
> the GPL) on what people may do with FOSS, on the grounds that there's
> "too much choice".
> "Hadron" supports Microsoft on *every* issue, and denies that they
> have used unethical practices to obtain and maintain their desktop OS
> monopoly.  (Indeed, he denies that any cush monopoly ever existed.)
> "Hadron" ridicules OSS advocates as just "wanting something for free",
> and denies the OSS advantages of freedom, choice, and efficiency.
> "Hadron" regularly attacks Linux advocates, trying to portray them as
> unreasonable or ridiculous.  To do this, he *lies* blatantly, claiming
> things like the advocates think that Linux is "perfect" or "bug free".
> "Hadron" regularly calls good, honest, people "liars", when, in fact,
> it is "Hadron" who is the shameless, documented, liar.  In his attacks
> against the advocates, he supports, and is supported by, a cadre of
> anonymous trolls, all of whom are unapologetically anti-Linux.

He should look in other groups where Hadron posted his drivel. He's either
derided or ignored in those too, so that blows his "you do not like him, because
he does not like Roy." garbage out of the water. 

Hadron must not work since he seems to be posting 24/7 on a lot of 
groups. If he does have a job and he is doing this at work he should 
be walked out the door post haste.

He is a self-proclaimed authority on everything, yet seems to know 
nothing but how to insult people.

Major self-important asshole.
Bill Baka - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID:   <3bFBj.316$Rq1.146@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 I asked why do you bother 
with Linux seeing how you seem to prefer apple or MS?
Stephan Rose - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID: <DoCdnQ1r36i7Bx_anZ2dnUVZ8uCdnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

However, I'm not the one trolling here, nor a confirmed liar, troll,
MS-shill and waste of bandwidth.  What have you ever contributed to the
world apart from your cretinous babblings in various newsgroups (where you
are mostly killfiled)?

Perhaps it's time to dump you into the killfile where trolls and cretins
Christopher Hunter - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID:   <xczgj.154680$cJ3.19859@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Simply PLONK Hadron.  Have the disposition be 'mark read'. 
That way the article  will not be downloaded, and the only thing 
that will show up is the existance of the nuisance.  :-)
CBFalconer - alt.os.linux.ubuntu

And so on, & so on.....

And then there's this:

The great majority of Windows application SW 
is eons better than it's OSS copy or alternative.
Message-ID: <fkga6j$ure$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hadron is a *self-confessed* troll, & destroyed his *own* credibility in
many groups. Or maybe this "Miguel de Icaza" likes trolls.

It IS because of him and two other useless people in particular
(CBFalconer and Harold "old school" Stevens (probably both Willy nyms)
that I started to drift from the Ubuntu fan boy zone.
Hadron - Message-ID: <gdl55d$lc2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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