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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>> >Wow.  Miguel has no objection to Hadron's use of the phrase
>> >"freetards".
>> Yet he objected to "Micro$oft", which, apperantly, is an indication of
>> "extemism" and that my world seems "filled with darkness and hate".
> Your reading comprehension skills are not strong.   I am not surprised.

Actually, my "reading comprehension skills" are fine, and you're being
dishonest and hypocritical.

> This is what I actually said:
>>In general, you can spot people that live in this world of hate when
>>they use expressions like "Micro$oft" or "Lie-berals".   They have to
>>resort to primitive insults because they have been jailed for too long
>>between the walls of despair that prevent them from experiencing the
>>world and expanding their minds.

That's not all you said, but directly relevant is your decrying my use of
"Micro$oft" while tacitly approving of terms like "freetard" and

Also, you've attempted to marginalize the advocates in here as
"extremists" who only see the world in "black and white" terms, which is
grossly unfair.

There is nothing wrong with a strong preference for freedom and choice
over the domination and consumer-hostile policies of the Microsoft Corp.
 It may not be "black and white", but there's a *major* difference in "the
 shade of gray" of those alternatives.

> Petty tricks and fallacies merely lower your credibility.

Unfortunately for you and your ad-hominem attack, I have resorted to
neither.  You should be more concerned with your own credibility.

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