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[News] War on Copyright Motivates by Moral Issue

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Breaking the bargain: copyright extensions violate "moral rights"

,----[ Quote ]
| When the copyright industry lobbies for extensions to already-long copyright 
| terms, they always present it as a way of giving the artists of the past 
| their due — as a further protection of the "moral rights" that artists have 
| in their creations.   


The World Is Going Flat(-Rate) 

,----[ Quote ]
| A New Study Shows Copyright Exception for Legalising File-Sharing is 
| Feasible, as a Cease-Fire in the “War on Copying” Emerges 


Downloading and sharing copyrighted material is WRONG, but using it as an
excuse to police the whole Internet and kill protocols is WRONG. It doesn't
even solve the problem.


AP Attempts to Shut Bloggers Out

,----[ Quote ]
| For a while now, the AP has had been fighting this insane war against
| bloggers who quote and use snippets of their articles in blog posts. About a
| year or so ago the AP decided they would try to charge bloggers and other
| sites $2.50 cents per word and threatened to sue anyone who did not comply
| with their dumb “copyright” scheme. The latest bright idea down at
| Dinosaurs ‘R Us is to try to create a copyrighted search engine like system
| for copyrighted works in order to some how track what is out there.


Court: Congress can't put public domain back into copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal court ruled on Friday that Congress overstepped its authority back
| in 1994 when it put some public domain foreign works back under copyright
| protection. Such a move changes the "traditional contours of copyright" in
| the US, even if done to bring the country in line with its treaty
| obligations.


AP Gets It Wrong Again: Wants To Restrict Certain Reports To 500 Words

,----[ Quote ]
| It's not difficult to see what's going on here. The AP is trying to be
| more "bloggy." Shorter, more attention grabbing pieces? Apparently, it's
| decided that people online only want to read the quick hits on salacious
| stories. Of course, despite what some may
| think, that's not really true.


What's Fair Use, Anyway? AP Has a Thought, and So Do I

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that AP has purported to establish fair use guidelines that would make 5
| words licensable as not fair use, I thought I'd explain a bit about fair
| use and about why Groklaw no longer will link to or quote from any AP
| articles. I've seen reports that AP has backed off in some not quite
| clear-to-me way, but I notice their list of fees remains online.
| [...]
| And that is why Groklaw no longer will quote from or link to AP, and I'd ask
| you not to do so in your comments either. I can't pay $50 a pop, and I don't
| like being sued, even though I'm positive the 5 words guideline would fail. I
| think you've seen how horrible litigation really is, from watching the SCO
| saga, so do go along with this decision, please. Nothing AP has is worth this
| kind of hassle.


The Cost of Excerpting the AP

,----[ Quote ]
| It's priced by the word, and using a 5- to 25-word excerpt costs $12.50 with
| a 251-word or longer excerpt costing a ridiculous $100.
| This ordeal reminds me a lot of the fight against piracy. No matter how much
| the AP tries, it will never be able to curtail the entire blogosphere, just
| as the RIAA will never be able to completely eliminate piracy. The big
| question remains: Will the AP's reputation begin to resemble that of the


Associated Press expects you to pay to license 5-word quotations (and reserves
the right to terminate your license)

,----[ Quote ]
| In the name of "defin[ing] clear standards as to how much of its articles and
| broadcasts bloggers and Web sites can excerpt" the Associated Press is now
| selling "quotation licenses" that allow bloggers, journallers, and people who
| forward quotations from articles to co-workers to quote their articles. The
| licenses start at $12.50 for quotations of 5-25 words. The licensing system
| exhorts you to snitch on people who publish without paying the blood-money,
| offering up to $1 million in reward money (they also think that "fair use" --
| the right to copy without permission -- means "Contact the owner of the work
| to be sure you are covered under fair use.").

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