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[News] Legal Attacks on Filesharing Dropped, MAFIAA Lies Big Time

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Major law firm drops filesharing threats

,----[ Quote ]
| Davenport Lyons, the high profile London media law firm, has dropped its mass 
| letter writing campaign on behalf of copyright holders, which accused 
| internet users of illegal filesharing and threatened court action if they did 
| not quickly pay hundreds of pounds compensation.   


RIAA's campaign against file sharers continues

,----[ Quote ]
| I find the RIAA's actions over the past few months rather hypocritical, and 
| completely detrimental towards stopping file sharing. 


Approximately 62 new cases filed by RIAA in April

,----[ Quote ]
| Based upon a quick examination of the records in PACER, I detected 62 new 
| cases brought by the RIAA against individuals in the month of April alone. 



RIAA boss: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| The issue of encryption "would have to be faced," Sherman admitted after 
| talking about the wonders of filtering. "One could have a filter on the end 
| user's computer that would actually eliminate any benefit from encryption 
| because if you want to hear [the music], you would need to decrypt it, and at 
| that point the filter would work."    


NBC to Apple: Build antipiracy into iTunes

,----[ Quote ]
| NBC Universal would like to have its TV shows distributed once again through 
| Apple's iTunes service, a top executive said Wednesday, but he called for 
| antipiracy measures to help protect his business' revenue.  


Senator: Let's monitor P2P for illegal files

,----[ Quote ]
| The software, dubbed "Operation Fairplay," was developed two years ago by 
| Special Agent Flint Waters in the Wyoming Attorney General's Office, who, by 
| Biden's description, is considered an expert in the field. The application is 
| currently being used by all of the regional Internet Crimes Against Children 
| (ICAC) task forces nationwide and internationally, Waters told the panel.    

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