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[News] Unlawful -- Potentially Corrupt -- Pirate Bay Trial to Restart?

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Pirate Bay Closer to a Retrial, Demands New Investigation

,----[ Quote ]
| The connections of Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström to national and 
| international pro-copyright lobby groups are even more far reaching than 
| initially reported. Consequently, many leading figures within the Swedish 
| judicial system are now convinced that a retrial is necessary so the 
| defendants can have an unbiased trial.    


Pirate Bay co-founder demands new police probe

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the Pirate Bay’s co-founders is calling on Swedish police to conduct a 
| new investigation into the notorious BitTorrent site’s operations. 
| Peter Sunde - aka BrokeP - said in a blog post yesterday that himself, and 
| the three other Pirate Bay men who were convicted of being accessories to 
| breaching copyright laws last month, could demand “a completely new police 
| investigation”.   



Pirate Bay Judge Accused Of Conflict In Another Case As Well

,----[ Quote ]
| So now they've turned up another recent case (article in Swedish, here's the
| Google translation), this time involving BMW, where the judge appears to have
| been connected to the lawyers representing BMW as well.


Pirate Bay Judge Accused of Bias, Calls for a Retrial

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest cases in file-sharing history ended last week with The
| Pirate Bay Four sentenced to huge fines and jail time. Today it is revealed
| that far from being impartial, the judge in the case is a member of
| pro-copyright groups - along with Henrik Pontén, Monique Wadsted and Peter
| Danowsky. There are loud calls for a retrial.


RIAA Brief Attacks Free Software Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| In their proposed response, the RIAA lawyers personally attacked The Free
| Software Foundation, Ray Beckerman (NewYorkCountryLawyer), and NYCL's
| blog, 'Recording Industry vs. The People'. The 9-page response (PDF) — 4
| pages longer than the document to which it was responding — termed the FSF an
| organization 'dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying,
| redistribution, and modifying computer programs', and accused the FSF of
| having an 'open and virulent bias against copyrights' and 'blatant bias'
| against the record companies.


RIAA publicly humiliates judge Nancy Gertner

,----[ Quote ]
| Hired RIAA attack lawyers Timothy Reynolds (Holme Roberts & Owen) and Daniel
| Cloherty  (Dwyer & Collora) apparently think it’s perfectly acceptable to
| tell a judge to take a hike.

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