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[News] KDE Development Tidbits

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Skrooge in playground

,----[ Quote ]
| The website currently hosted on sourceforge gives some more indication. 
| Obviously, it will be migrated extragear once skrooge made it to extragear. 


The Best KDE Twitter Client

,----[ Quote ]
| For KDE there are a few options, but there is one that I have found to be 
| superior to them all. 


KMess 2.0 beta 2 is out!

,----[ Quote ]
| Hi, yesterday we’ve released our second beta of our next-gen Live Messenger 
| client for KDE! 



KDE 4.3: First Widget for Social Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| A widget has been included in KDE 4.3 as the first implementation of the
| „Social Desktop“ which allows the user to view other KDE users in his or her
| city or region.


KDE 4.3 - early preview

,----[ Quote ]
| Like it or not, KDE 4.3 will be a great leap forward in this environment’s
| development. I won’t hesitate to say, it will be a bigger one than KDE 4.1 to
| 4.2. Interestingly enough, my compilation of development snapshot worked
| stable and jerk-free - no major issues there.


wallpapers and other bobbles for 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| We have a number of new Plasma components lining up to make it into 4.3. Not
| least among them is a geolocation DataEngine, making it absolutely trivial
| for anything Plasma to get at the information either via a GPS device or by
| looking up the location of your network address if you are online. Along with
| a handful of new widgets, some I've already written about recently, we also
| have no less than six new wallpaper plugins that may make it into 4.3!


Air and KDE 4.3.

,----[ Quote ]
| Air was the wallpaper we introduced in KDE 4.2, but that is just the
| beginning of something larger. Air is supposed to be different than what
| Oxygen is, something that tries to appeal to a user base looking for a
| more "sexy" experience than Oxygen (yeah I know you are out there :) ), but
| to still have the capability of merging nicely with what we have now.


Five Improvements For KDE 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| The new year has already brought us a nice treat in KDE 4.2. I found it to be
| a very solid desktop, yet with some issues that keep it from 100% perfection.
| I’m happy to say that 4.2 occupies all of the computers that I use, yet there
| are still some serious problems that remain. Last year I did an article
| similar to this one, detailing the things I feel would make the KDE desktop
| rise to a higher level of perfection, and now that KDE 4.2 is released, it’s
| time to do it again.


Straight from KDE 4.2.60 (KDE 4.3 trunk)

,----[ Quote ]
| I guess this is everything for this week, as you can see KMail is pretty
| useful, easy to set up (if you use the first run wizard) and, with some
| tweaks here and there, you can get a impressively clean, uncluttered, yet,
| useful interface :-)



First impressions of Fedora 9 with KDE 4

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't know if I should attribute this remarkable achievement to Fedora 9 or
| to KDE 4 (or maybe even to GCC 4.3?), but the fact is that the KDE 4 desktop
| in Fedora 9 is just so much snappier and more responsive than the KDE 3
| desktop in Fedora 8. This is also true of Firefox 3.0b5 where everything
| happens so much faster, something that is especially noticeable on
| AJAX-powered web sites. This is probably the major reason why I will stay
| with KDE 4 and Fedora 9 for the foreseeable future - it is just so much
| faster than anything I have used on this particular machine.

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