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[News] Older Generations Too Dump Windows for GNU/Linux

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Switching My Dad to Linux - Part One

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wi-Fi software switch was so damned annoying that it was actually one of 
| the biggest factors in the decision to ditch Vista on this particular 
| machine. Under Ubuntu I was able to get Wi-Fi working automatically on each 
| boot, with no user intervention necessary, as I'll explain in Part Two of 
| this series.    


Elderly Ubuntu User Says Books Far Better than Forums

,----[ Quote ] 
| I read Mr. Sobell’s instructions for doing that (read them at least 8 or 9 
| times!), took a deep breath, and went at it. WOW! In a lot less time than the 
| other attempts had taken, I had a solid Ubuntu 8.10 desktop up and running 
| with two primary partitions (/ and /home) and a great big extended partition 
| where swap and /usr now live and there’s room for lots more company.    
| My point is this: a book is a more reliable source of answers than a forum or 
| a Help icon – a book doesn’t go black unexpectedly, it doesn’t time-out a 
| session, it doesn’t flame you as a clueless newbie when you ask a dumb 
| question, and above all, the best of them give you a ”why” to do something as 
| well as a “what”. An old gaffer like me wouldn’t stand a chance of gaining 
| any geek creds without BOOKS!      



Linux in Healthcare – Elderly Products

,----[ Quote ]
| With the rising costs of healthcare and increase in the elderly population, 
| and the lack of resources for those with diseases like Alzheimer's, a company 
| called Blue Heron Network is looking towards a Linux based device to 
| alleviate some of this burden. They are looking to create a new opportunity 
| for Linux in the next-generation health device market with a device called 
| Reside@HOME Monitor.     

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