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[News] Gentoo Makes Good Benchmark Tool

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Adventures in Benchmarking - Part 4 : (Re)constructing an Environment

,----[ Quote ]
| No, what I had to do was ‘remaster’ an existing Live-CD. I’d take the base 
| environment, strip out the bits I wasn’t going to use, add in my benchmarking 
| software, and recompile. Now, this has always been something users have 
| wanted to do with Linux distributions, and it is possible. Some distros like 
| Gentoo even trade on the fact that they allow this (ironically I later found 
| out that the Phoronix beta Live-CD is built from Gentoo).     



Thoughts from a two-day-old Gentoo newbie

,----[ Quote ]
| Gentoo to me is easy and simple to use, just as the many distributions follow
| the holy philosophy, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), but this is actual one.
| With Gentoo (after newbie phase), you control and know stuff well. The
| package management and system administrate management are also easy to use.
| Every distribution has own pros and cons, no one is perfect in all aspects.
| But there may be one is perfect for you, and I just found mine. I believe as
| long as you pay a little more efforts, you can transform Gentoo into an eagle
| and command it to fly.


Using Gentoo Linux in K-12 School’s Computer Lab

,----[ Quote ]
| GHCA recently updated all their computers to run the Gentoo distribution of
| the Linux operating system. This video interviews system administrator
| Michael Surran, exploring the details as to why the school switched to Gentoo
| and how Gentoo is used to improve productivity and functionality. Of
| particular interest is the use of distributed compiled computing (distcc)
| among the 20 Athlon computers to greatly speed the software building
| process. …

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