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[News] Advanced Virtual Desktops Put GNU/Linux Ahead of the Rest

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Virtual Desktops: Brilliant or Nuisance?

,----[ Quote ]
| Funnily enough, whenever I put a Windows user on a Linux system, this is the 
| thing they struggle most with. Most of the time, they just can’t grasp the 
| concept, or don’t understand how it could be useful. As a result, they always 
| stick to the first workspace, and whenever a window ends up on another, they 
| can’t find it again.    
| [...]
| For me, switching between workspaces is the same as switching between 
| applications, but apparently it’s a difficult concept for most people, and 
| the only reason I can think of why this is so, is because users have become 
| so accustomed to Windows (or MacOS X), that they can’t think of screen estate 
| beyond the actual borders of the screen.    



Spruce Up KDE With All the Productivity Tools You’ll Ever Need

,----[ Quote ]
| There’s no question computers make our lives easier, especially with all the
| productivity tools available today. If you use the KDE desktop, then you may
| already know that there are many wonderful productivity applications designed
| especially for KDE. Let’s take a look at how some of these apps can help you
| streamline your work and stay organized while you get things done.



Katapult yourself to keyboard productivity

,----[ Quote ]
| Katapult is a small but useful application that will let you keep your hands
| on the keyboard. You don't have to remember any complex key combinations to
| switch tracks while chatting or performing calculations or checking spelling
| while doing your homework. Katapult is simple enough to use that there's no
| learning curve involved.    


howto enhance your workflow with beryl

,----[ Quote ]
| Problem is, I spread my applications across all 4 desktops, so
| that things feel uncluttered when I'm working on an application.
| However, when you want to keep an eye on several applications at
| a time, it's impossible - except, if you have beryl. What I do
| is set one of the corners of my desktop to activate the scale
| plugin to show all windows from all desktops (see here for a
| more detailed explanation). I also make sure that it shows
| minimised windows.


Cool New Beryl Feature: Ring Window Switcher


Cool new Beryl Feature: Window Thumbnails


Productivity Crisis In R&D

,----[ Quote ]
| If companies can change their business models to become more open,
| to make greater use of external ideas in their own businesses, and
| let their unused ideas go to other businesses, these causes can be
| treated. Open business models attack the cost side of the problem
| by leveraging external R&D resources to save time and money in the
| innovation process.
| [...]
| Open business models also can increase revenues. P&G, for instance,
| is creating new brands by licensing technologies from other
| companies around the world, resulting in products like the SpinBrush,
| which generated first-year sales of $200 million.
| Openness also involves getting more out of unused ideas and
| technology stuck inside your company. Both IBM and P&G no longer
| restrict their R&D to the markets each serves directly.

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