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[News] New Ideas for GNU/Linux Marketing

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Give Linux for the holidays

,----[ Quote ]
| Top ten reasons to give Mom a Linux desktop for the holidays?
| How to get two or three more years from Dad’s computer while giving him the 
| gift he really wants? 
| Linux: the operating system that gives you more and saves you money?


Does GNU/Linux need cult figures like Jobs 

,----[ Quote ]
| But has Apple come to overly depend on Jobs? Is it a good thing when someone 
| comes to symbolise an operating system to this extent? 
| One could argue that Apple, the company, has an unhealthy dependence on Jobs 
| given the panic that broke out when it was learnt that he was stepping down 
| from the role of chief executive.  
| Apple shares fell 10 percent when the news broke and there have been an 
| endless stream of articles after that, speculating on what would happen if, 
| God forbid, he is unable to return to the helm.  



Wired’s Leander Kahney Attacks Steve Jobs, Again

,----[ Quote ]
| An author who has devoted his career to deriding Steve Jobs’ Apple as
| being “irredeemably evil” and portraying its users as a “cult” has scribbled
| up a new missive for Wired that attempts to hijack the company’s upcoming
| iPod event and replace any discussion of new technology with a tasteless
| personal attack of the company’s CEO.


SEC Examining False Report on Apple Chief Jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| Concern about Jobs's health weighed on the shares this year, contributing to
| a 51 percent drop. The stock swing caused by today's erroneous report drew
| renewed calls for Apple, which has said only that Jobs's health is a
| ``private matter,'' to be more forthcoming, said Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior
| associate dean at Yale University's School of Management.

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