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Re: Dedication to Linux

Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's amazing how Halliwell and Liarmutt are willing to support someone
> who they openly admit to not knowing anything about. Ahlstrom's defence
> of Roy was particularly sickening with him openly stating that he did not
> need to read Roy's sites to believe him over other facts which came with
> proof, links and content.

What's sickening is you.
Constant attacks on anyone who disagrees with you is not the sign of a
healthy mind. So, you lash out at someone who you deem in your delusions to
be even more bonkers than you.

I don't care what roy says on his site. Couldn't give a stuff. Absolutely
NOTHING to do with this newsgroup. IF he posts a link to his site in one of
his articles, then maybe THAT article could justifiably be seen as a point
of attack but you and your friends moved on from that to open warfare well
over a year ago.

Now even without a contribution to a thread, you openly attack him (and
anyone else who irks you).

Just grow up, you odius little turd.
> I see Roy is now pimping BSD over Linux too. I wonder what new agenda he
> has?

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