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[News] Free GNU/Linux Readings for Beginners and Novices

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10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first part of the series, in the near future we will have a list 
| for “Intermediate and Advanced Linux Users” and “Linux System 
| Administrators”. If you have any suggestions feel free to share them with us 
| in the comments.   


How to Follow Linux Developments

,----[ Quote ]
| Get your RSS feed readers ready because here is my list of the best 
| sites/feeds to stay in touch with the latest developments in the linux 
| community.  This is the short list — there are many personal/professional 
| blogs/sites that should be included in  a full list.  But, most of them are 
| aggregated in the following sites.    



Top 10 Linux RSS readers

,----[ Quote ]
| RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (but also sometimes refers to Rich
| Site Summary or RDF Site Summary). It is an XML-based format for sharing and
| distributing web content. An RSS reader (sometimes called a newsreader or
| news aggregator), allows you to receive and view data feeds from various
| sources in a single interface. There are many RSS readers available,
| web-based and desktop clients. Here I compiled a list with the best (IMO) 10
| RSS readers for Linux...


Open Source E-Books for Linux


Free Online Book Has Blueprint for Successful FOSS Projects

,----[ Quote ]
| Fogel's book is an 887K PDF file consisting of 9 chapters and several
| appendices:
|     * Chapter 1. Introduction
|     * Chapter 2. Getting Started
|     * Chapter 3. Technical Infrastructure
|     * Chapter 4. Social and Political Infrastructure
|     * Chapter 5. Money
|     * Chapter 6. Communications
|     * Chapter 7. Packaging, Releasing, and Daily Development
|     * Chapter 8. Managing Volunteers
|     * Chapter 9. Licenses, Copyrights, and Patents

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