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[News] More GNU/Linux Events (Whilst Microsoft's Get Cancelled Due to Budgets)

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InternetNZ supports Australasian Linux Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce its leading 
| sponsorship of Linux.conf.au 2010 (LCA2010). 
| The annual Linux.conf.au conference will be held in January 2010 in 
| Wellington - the second time it has been held in New Zealand. It will bring 
| together local and international open source practitioners who contribute to 
| the Linux operating system and numerous other open source projects. Linux 
| creator Linus Torvalds regularly attends this event.     


Linux Audio Update

,----[ Quote ]
| This conference is a key "meeting of the minds" for Linux audio developers 
| and users. Represented projects included Csound, the Q programming language, 
| Pure Data (Pd), netjack and many others. Former conferences have been 
| characterized by an abundance of fine conversation, music, food and wine, and 
| reports indicate that organizer Fons Adriaensen maintained the tradition in 
| excellent style. Judging from the quality of the papers I've read and the 
| videos I've watched, LAC2009 appears to have been another successful event. 
| As far as I know, the date and location of LAC2010 have not been formally 
| announced, although Utrecht has been mentioned as a likely candidate.         



Microsoft Cancels 2009 BI Conference, Schedules It For Every Two Years

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing the recession and cutbacks in travel budgets, Microsoft has canceled
| this year's October Microsoft BI Conference, according to a posting on the
| company's Web site blog.



Putting lipstick on a cancelled PDC pig

,----[ Quote ]
| With Microsoft not wanting to talk publicly about anything other than
| Windows Visa on the client side of the house, there might have been a
| serious dearth of content at PDC 2007.

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