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[News] Does Using Windows Instead of Windows Make You an "Idiot"?

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The Thin Line Between Victim and Idiot

,----[ Quote ]
| And if you have to use it at work...I understand. Unfortunately, as flawed as 
| it is, it is still a Windows world. The good news? Slowly but surely 
| businesses across the globe are making the switch. Even those that are not 
| yet Linux companies are letting some employees run their choice of operating 
| systems on their work computers. That choice is Linux.    
| Look. Here is the way it is.
| When you buy a new computer, chances are it will have Microsoft Windows on 
| it. That didn't come free...the price of the computer is jacked up anywhere 
| from $100.00 to $300.00 to pay Microsoft. It's known as the Microsoft Tax. 
| Microsoft has entered into deals with many of the computer manufacturers to 
| insure that Windows is on about every machine they sell. The kicker here? 
| Those agreements are secret and you and I cannot see them. We've written 
| about this before.      
| Microsoft has a virtual monopoly on new computer sales.

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